The FitVoice Academy 

  Confident Speaking for Professionals

   6 Week Online Course

Speaking made easy

Whether you want to project your voice, combat stage fright, decide where to place your hands, improve your mindset, learn memorization skills, or speak with confidence, this class can help. Learn the techniques, Voice and Performance Coach, Cathy Motley-Fitch has used with hundreds of clients from the Boardroom to Broadway, right in the comfort of your own location.

What you'll receive

At the beginning of each week, you will receive a deliverable in the form of a video, pdf or worksheet with pertinent exercises and assignments. At the end of the week, we will meet online to discuss the topic, implement the exercises and answer any questions.

What You Are Going To Discover:

  • Week 1 Finding Your Authentic Voice

  • Week 2 Mindset & Meditation

  • Week 3 Breathing

  • Week 4 Controlling the Voice

  • Week 5 Body Mechanics

  • Week 6 Vocal Projection

Bonus #1: Two 1:1 Voice Evaluations

                 either on Zoom or in person.

Bonus #2: S.M.I.L.E. Presenting Workshop

                 The 5 tips that will have people                      listening to you.... 

                                 Every. Single. Time.

What you'll learn

Simple, fun techniques that won't overwhelm but enlighten you to the authentic voice you possess and the skills to improve your mindset and confidence when speaking. At the end of the course, we will meet as a group at a local meeting spot and demonstrate our new found voice skills.

Here's What You'll Get:


  • The Evolution of Your Voice: Discovering and evaluating your Authentic  Voice to help you realize your ability to control what you hear.

  • The Calm Before the Storm: What to do to remove overwhelm and fear, creating incredible results 

        in personal and professional               situations, every time.

  • The Breathing Revolution: Breathing is vital to existence and your voice is vital to your relevance. Learn breathing techniques that will change voice tone quality and clarity leading to a more confident delivery.

  • How to Present without Presenting: The habits to break while presenting and the habits you need to keep your audience engaged. 

  • How to Speak So Someone Will ListenHow to fill your body with a confident voice and take control of room... Including my favorite FitVoice Techniques and warmups. 


Cathy Motley-Fitch

"Cathy's intuitive techniques have been used regionally and internationally, helping clients on stages, in healthcare, universities and corporations to improve their voice to affect their audience. Now she wants to take bring her techniques out of the studio and straight to you....

one voice at a time."

Her Story

Cathy is a Vocalist and Performance Coach who has travelled the world performing for over 20 years. After losing one of her children, her twin daughter Lola, to a tragic sequence of medical errors, she realized there was another way, perhaps even more valuable, to use her voice - speaking out to help others. Cathy quickly realized the skills she uses to teach singers are the same skills needed to teach speakers: Support, Confidence and Action. The FitVoice Academy helps people Improve their Voice and Build their Confidence to Affect Their Audience.

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