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"Cathy has the wherewithal to imagine a project, and the strength to carry it out with a team of (medical) professionals. It was amazing."


Dr. Tracey Hoke, MD Chief of Quality & Performance Improvement

University of Virginia Health System

  • to get your message into the world

  • a clear powerful voice

  • a confident, persuasive pitch

  • to be authentic

  • a voice to match your feelings

  • control over your voice - every. single. time.

  • to connect with your audience & coworkers

  • to engage your listeners

  • to be requested and remembered

  • to feel relaxed on-stage and on-camera ​


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For the last 15 years, I have been on a mission to impact the lives of professionals to help uncover their most powerful voice. Drawing from a 25 year career on and off stage, I deliver hands on experiences that engage groups and individuals to authentically connect with their audiences.


Constant growth is key in remaining relevant in today’s competitive market. I help you overcome immediate challenges and create a voice that aligns your inner thoughts with your outward appearance.

Once you determine what you want to say and why, we begin the  work. My proven track record provides positive results not only as an investment in your career, but personal life as well. 


Your voice illustrates your innate essence. Through the art of listening, you discover how to control the sound. Mind, body and voice techniques will assure you, your voice will consistently perform the way you want, control how others perceive you and help effectively market yourself.


Your voice can hold you back without you even realizing. People work forever perfecting WHAT to say, when what matters more is HOW you say it. 

Let's work together to help your voice make a difference. 


  • Speak confidently

  • Sound like the voice in your head

  • Gain self-confidence and self actualization

  • Direct powerful change

  • Create a resilient mindset and career  

  • Communicate effectively with authenticity

  • Be relatable​​ and resilient

  • Engage your audience

With a background in the Entertainment industry, Cathy creates unique 1:1  experiences anchored in body, mind and voice work for powerful communication teachings that will last a lifetime, professionally and personally.  


Cathy Motley-Fitch


 is a Vocalist and Performance Coach who has travelled the world performing for over 25 years.


Her entertaining spirit connects with heart as she draws from her most poignant experience after the loss of her only daughter, Lola, to a sequence of medical errors. Her advocacy for change began when she wanted to ensure safety in healthcare for her sons and all individuals.


She quickly realized her background could help teach others to use their voice in a more confident, authentic and meaningful way. Her intuitive techniques have been used regionally and internationally, helping clients improve their voice to affect their audience. Now she wants to take her techniques out of the studio and straight to you....one voice at a time."