The next step in your career, depends on

how you speak up. 


Hi, I’m Cathy,


Voice strategist, speaker, author and advocate for positive change. I help entrepreneurs & professionals recognize the courage they have speak confidently while also helping them learn to connect authentically in person and on-camera.


Individuals and groups come to me to help them:


  • Deliver a Powerful Presentation

On-Camera and In Person

  • Get a Stronger Voice to Speak on a Podcast 

  • Learn to Connect With Their Audiences

  • Launch an Amazing Online Course 

  • Get Cast in a Broadway Show

  • Compete on the Miss America Stage

  • Become a Leading Entrepreneur

They have faced fears, sometimes buried deep down, that they were:

  • Too quiet

  • Afraid to be on camera

  • Socially Awkward

  • Scared to Speak up in a Crowd

  • Incapable of Connecting with People

  • Unable to Match their Voice to Their Feelings 


I am here to tell you YOU CAN.

You CAN overcome any of your fears and achieve all that you have dreamed.


I have seen it happen for my clients. 

Communication is powerful. Your voice is everything. The impression you make starts when you walk in the door, but more lasting is the sound of your voice. It can make or break the deal. 


You want to help want to share your story...your mission...but first you have to uncover your WHY. Then, we can work on HOW.

Confidence, Authenticity and Resilience are vital to staying making connections. 



commit to becoming the best version of yourself! Make the crazy sounds you need to make. Silence the negative voices in your head and challenge yourself to reach your maximum potential by setting high and realistic goals.


Think about it, without your voice, how would you accomplish the things you want to get done? As simple as getting your kids to clean their room, or your husband to plan the vacation. You have to communicate what you want, effectively to get people to do what you need.

Professionally it is the exact same thing. First and foremost, your success is dependent upon your voice.

So what's my story?

Clients love my fun, relaxed approach, helping them discover the power of their own voice. You  have a story that can be told through speaking or singing and the way you carry yourself every single day. I help strengthen your outer voice so you can share your inner passion.  

Where did I learn how to do what I do?

It didn't hurt having strong women in my family. One grandmother left her one room school house in a small, country town to head to the big city of Richmond, VA and become a charge nurse. My mother was President of her graduating RN class and is a beautiful artist.  My other grandmother was an entertainer through and through, most notably singing on 1930's radio shows and tap dancing on toe shoes and roller skates! (OUCH!)

I started performing as a child in the church choir and always loved a good musical. Spending years in piano, dance and voice training, I received a degree in Vocal Performance and moved to NYC living for a time with my cousin, a professional Opera Singer and his wife Susan Almassi - the Assistant Choral Master of the Metropolitan Opera. What an education I was receiving listening to Renne Flemming from the basement and passing Placido Domingo in the lunch line! I began touring the nation in National tours and  onboard luxury cruise liners around the world, from Fiji to Abu Dhabi, in production casts and my solo show. During a stint at home while visiting parents in Richmond, VA I met my husband and soon left the hustle and bustle of entertainment life on the road. However, I wasn't ready to give up a performer's life and continued acting in roles such as, Belle in Beauty and the Beast, the Narrator in "Joseph...Dreamcoat", and performing for Virginia Opera, creating The Richmond Divas, music directing for Royal Caribbean and different theme parks, appearing in commercials and infommercials on TV and radio and opening my own vocal studio.  You never know where life will take you!

A few years later, my life changed drastically as we were blessed with boy/girl twins. However, one week after birth, we lost our daughter, Lola, to a tragic sequence of medial errors, miscommunications and mistakes. It was a moment in time, where life stood still and  I was left gasping for breath, trying to understand how something so precious could be gone so fast. 

It took  months to find my voice again but when I did I found a renewed desire to use my voice, not only to sing and teach, but to speak. Maybe Lola was meant for something greater than being in my arms and maybe I was meant to share it.  Medial error is the third largest leading cause of death in the U.S.  I could use my voice for those who didn't have the chance. My husband and I now travel the nation speaking to medical and Physician Assistant programs at medical schools, universities and healthcare systems. I designed Lola's Pledge and Lola's Song Project.

The problem, I was the Richmond Diva who was petrified to speak on stage. I can sing you anything you want, but to think and speak from the stage, without being told what to say?! That's a whole different story. However, I began to study and quickly realized....

The skills we use to sing are the same we need to speak.  I had a full studio of students learning to sing but when it came to speak, they were lost. They mumbled, they didn't know what to do with their bodies and their posture and their breathing changed. I found myself constantly saying, speak like you sing and sing like you speak. My clients now focus on: Controlling their breath, projecting their voice, storytelling and learning through an experience.  


Cathy quickly transformed me to a confident vocalist and performer. She found the qualities that made my voice unique and helped me hone them to stand out. She built me a strong technical base so I can sing healthily and taught me valuable lessons on the acting and emotions within songs. Without her guidance, I would not have made it through the intimidating and overwhelming experience of auditioning for college Musical Theatre Programs. Cathy was the mentor and teacher that I needed and led me to be the performer I am today! Cathy remains a role model and coach to me, only a phone call or text away when I need her. Without a doubt, I would recommend Cathy to anyone who is looking to boost their skills and confidence. 

ALLY DODS - Vocalist

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