Lola's Song Project

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The correlation of music and medicine can help strengthen skills necessary for health care providers when treating patients. The OR is very much like the stage and depends on your ability to effectively communicate to your patients, families and teams.  In this workshop, participants develop skills in Teamwork, Collaboration, Communication, Decision-Making, Leadership, Listening, Self-Awareness, Problem-Solving, Compassion and Empathy. These areas of focus are integral for a successful performance.  With 20 + years in the entertainment industry as a voice teacher and performance coach, Cathy recognizes the power of music as a mnemonic device that makes learning new skills exciting and memorable. Cathy presented her idea to faculty at the University of Virginia who believed in her vision and agreed to pilot the very first “Lola’s Song Project”. 

“Lola’s Song Project” focuses on teaching Emotional Intelligence and Effective Communication through music. Participants learn of Lola’s Story, identify, process mistakes, and create music reflecting their renewed intent of practice. Lola’s Song Project hopes to inspire medical professionals to provide the best care for every patient every day. 


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Customizable Workshops
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