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  • Access to private Facebook group - Voice Control! Our private community to interact with members, watch and participate in Facebook live events, and get continuing education on the Voice. 


  • A monthly topic, setting the topic for the month, in response to a question asked by someone in our private FB community. Send us your questions and maybe you’ll get picked!


  • Weekly live video tutorials - Check in here to learn different aspects of the Voice and why it is THE key element to success in your personal and professional life.                                                                                       ​

  • Personalized voice evaluations - Each month we will analyze one voice reel and discuss how it either shines or needs to refine!


  • Live Q & A Sessions with expert voice professionals currently rockin’ it out either speaking or singing. Listen to tips that help them sustain their voices, use it to propel their success and advise on what they do to make their voice the best it can be!


**Bonus offering for a limited time:  Your voice is your greatest calling card and dictates the impression you are giving people. You may be noticed when you walk in a room, but as you speak, people being to make a judgement call on your personality. Do you sound strong, weak, shy, confident, boring? Do you know what category you fall into? Let us hear your voice and evaluate the impression you are making. ** For Singers, If you need a performance reel created from scratch, we can work with you to make a short, dynamic reel that really shows off YOU!

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