Focus: To Implement Teamwork, Empathy, Communication, and Leadership

in an Innovative Way.


This project was made in partnership with The University of Virginia Medical School to help solidify the learnings from Lola’s Story in a creative and innovative way. This presentation can last anywhere from 3 - 5 hours dependent on time you desire. Cathy and Alan share Lola’s story, then participants work together in small groups highlighting the errors made, choosing a focus and developing a memorable theme set to music and finally, sharing the new idea with the group.


Cathy, a professional singer, believes in the correlation between music and medicine. There are several theories supporting the methods of using content rich music to aid in memorization, lower stress levels, engage in positive teamwork behavior and increase learning. 

**Think back to the mnemonic devices you used as a child. When set to a melody, ideas are organized easier making material more memorable. Ex. “Stayin’ Alive” by Beegees used to teach CPR


 This project was a huge success at UVA. We would love to share it with you!