Just a Yard Guy

Just today I was out on a run…the fist person I came across was an Amazon delivery woman, mid to late 40’s. She didn’t look up for long. She was in the middle of finding packages but clear as a bell she said, “Hi! How you doing?” I smiled and replied, “Doing great!.... Thanks for asking.” She said, “Have a good day.” “You too!” My thoughts were…. “Amazon’s such a good company! I love them.” And “I’m going to call and compliment them on their drivers.” The next thought was “Oh! I need to order that pair of shoes:)"

20 minutes later there was a young man in our neighbor’s yard, late 20’s/ mid 30’s with a landscaping company. As I ran past him, he looked up for a second and grunted something to the effect of “heh yuh?” then turned his back and continued his work. I grunted back, “Keh”. I think he was aiming for, “How are you?!”

Point being…. HE IS IN CUSTOMER service! He does yards…and I have one! If he had spoken clearer, projected his voice and…ok I’m pushing it now…. smiled… I would’ve asked for his card and likely HIRED HIM. My grass is dying and I NEED yard help!

The way you speak is the first step to sealing the deal in sales, an interview, relationships…anything. Your eyes are the window to your soul but your voice is the window to SUCCESS.

How you speak dictates how u r received!

Check out the link below for 5 Tips to Sound Better Instantly:


Then if you see a yard guy who hardly speaks, yet can grunt suggest he take my course:)


Hope to hear from you soon!