"This is how to treat a patient." Say, The Golden Girls

I will try very hard never to generalize people, yet this message is incredibly important. While I love Dorothy and empathize with her frustration, I believe the majority of doctors enter their careers with their hearts and try to remain open with patient care as center. Their jobs are difficult and demanding. They too are only human and have sick kids, extraordinary schedules, try to balance work and family, and hope to maintain some normalcy, all the while being expected to perform miracles. No, not miracles like smoke and mirrors on Broadway (my favorite:)) but life altering miracles....saving lives.

With that being said, according to the original Hippocratic oath, physicians pledge to respect, share medical knowledge, help patients, avoid harming them medically or personally, seek help from other physicians when necessary, and keep patient information confidential. By taking an oath you show your commitment to your patients. There is no room for arrogance or dismissal of a patient. Look at your patient (eye contact), Onboard (touch them), Listen to your patient (truly listen to their concerns - they know something isn't right) and Ask (show concern and problem solve, that's why they are here - Do NOT dismiss me as a patient or your colleague!) Note the Acronym: LOLA

As patients, a huge takeaway from this video is to not be afraid to SPEAK UP. We wish our doctors were perfect but they are human just like the rest of us. They are often overworked and managing more than we care to know. You must advocate for yourself and your loved ones. Ask questions, take