If you're ready to elevate your business,
then let's talk about your 

Private coaching for when you want to improve your voice and polish your presence to increase clients and revenue.

You are a high achieving professional or entrepreneur who wants to speak up and needs to be heard.

You envision yourself as a knowledge expert in your field, have dreams of  impacting change and need a little "extra attention" to overcome: 

  • a lack of confidence on camera or stage

  • a boring, uninteresting presence, disregarded  by colleagues

  • an inability to connect with audiences, colleagues or clients

  • confusion how to use your voice to express your offers and products

  • a voice that doesn't match your dreams, passions or ideas

  • the fear of speaking as your authentic self

As we work together you will learn to:

  • use your voice as a tool, to command attention and communicate effectively

  • create an image that aligns with your personal and professional goals

  • feel confident on-camera

  • craft a persuasive speech, pitch or introduction 

  • develop a voice that matches the ideas and thoughts in your mind

  • improve your speaking and presenting skills

  • connect with your clients and audiences

  • project your voice and articulate with confidence

This will help you:


  • Increase clients and revenue 

  • Acquire more opportunities 

  • Be remembered and requested

  • Speak authentically with ease 

  • Show up as the inspiring leader you are

  • Exemplify a dynamic, poised presence

When we:

define your business goals and evaluate if your voice traits and body language are helping or hurting you achieve them. 


create a clear definition of who you want to be seen as, what impression you want to give, evaluate your ideal character sound through market research, and identify methods for success achieved through the power of your voice.


even work on your voicemail messaging and 15 second “Elevator Pitch ” video clips!

When you're not getting the clients or sales you need, have you considered, it’s because of your voice?


Your voice and your body are directly related.

What you're thinking and feeling is displayed through your voice.


When you're nervous your voice may sound breathy, small or shaky.


When you're angry, your voice may sound loud and uncontrolled.


But when you feel confident, the voice sounds calm, reassuring, believable.


You become the King or Queen in the room - a true leader.

Research shows only 7% of a message is conveyed through actual words or content.

38% is conveyed through tone of voice.

55% of messaging is communicated through body language.


Once we examine your voice and body language, we address your mindset and breath patterns to uncover what may be impacting your first and last impressions.


Then, we define a plan of action to ensure the success you need. 

What You Will Receive:

8-Sessions: 1:1 Zoom Sessions, 1 per Week, 2-Months of dedicated support and

Voxer Messaging. 

  • Highlighted notes from your session you can refer back to from this experience, and guide you moving forward

  • Innovative exercises and tasks designed to keep you thinking about the work we did each week, create attainable goals and help you recreate learned sounds independently

  • A practice recording uploaded for your review

  • Check-ins regularly for accountability

  • Voxer support between calls including feedback and reviews

  • All the voice and motivation you may want and need to encourage the “I Can!” And “Make it Happen!” mentality you need

 A picture’s worth a thousand words, but your voice is worth...

a hundred times that.


 Your voice dictates how people perceive you.


Their perception is their reality and you’re dependent on that perception.


It dictates if they’ll like you and trust what you have to say. 


A powerful voice will engage, connect and inspire those around you, impact their own desire to make a difference and convince them to say... YES. 


There is nothing more important to your success than the sound of your voice. 

It's time to take action and sound CONFIDENT, CONTROLLED, and CHARISMATIC.

You can:

  • Align your inner and outer voice for self-confidence, self actualization and powerful change

  • Create a resilient mindset, career and business with new communication skills that connect you with others, authentically


Watch as your audience feels....ENGAGED, INSPIRED and.... AFFECTED.

You can do amazing things. But you have to SOUND you can first!



Your voice is the key to your success.

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