The Speaker’s Toolkit
Mini - Course  

For High Achieving Entrepreneurs
& Professionals! 


Most professionals aren't trained in speaking for leadership roles. 

And more than this, communication, requires confidence and skill in order to get a message across effectively. 


Lack of confidence, little to no understanding of how to use your own voice as a tool to project clearly and articulate your message with confidence; these things can really stall your career.


And you know it. 

You’re in a leadership role, you understand how important communication is for your career, but just don't know how to use your voice to speak in public or on video, to represent your ideas and offerings the way you want. 


There is a mismatch between your passion, ideas and drive - and your speaking skills.

To get around this problem you need

  • More time preparing for speaking expectations

  • Specialized training, which can be scary and take time you don’t feel you have

  • And an understanding how crucial, polished speaking & communication skills are for your career



Most high achieving professionals and entrepreneurs simply don't have these things.

So what happens?

  • You shy away from speaking opportunities that can expose your expertise and improve your career opportunities

  • The career or business you have might stall, as you become less visible than your competition

  • Promotions and sales can pass you by then, of course, you lose confidence in yourself 

  • A continued lack of confidence can become paralyzing and prevent you from taking any actions you need, to improve things

young beautiful business woman suffering stress working at office computer desk asking for

Then you might...

Spend too much time, energy and resources trying to muddle through or solve your speaking challenges on your own. And because of this, you will have less time to devote to the “doing” of your work. 


Last but not least, all of this just adds more stress and anxiety to your job and prevents you from performing well.


Without improving your voice and communication skills you could:


  • Tick along making a modest income, working hard but not being recognized for it

  • Be unhappy and unsatisfied with your work and personal relationships

  • Be unlucky - Laid off or your business could stall, because you're unable to keep up with competitors who capture the attention and confidence of clients

That's why I created

The Speakers Toolkit Course for 


A simple step-by-step course that will introduce you to vocal techniques that help you connect with your authentic way of speaking in public, engage and inspire your audience, and fill you with confidence that you can do this!

Designed to:

  • Help you take action today, to improve your speaking skills

  • Connect better with clients and leaders, and be recognized as the knowledge expert you are.

  • Empower you to use these simple techniques

  • Practice improving your communication skills today.

Being able to clearly articulate your message, passion and knowledge expertise

is essential for your long-term success.




This simple choice, today, can change the future of your work.

And help you to:

Use your voice and speaking skills, purposefully, to reach personal and

professional goals.



I am a professional voice coach and strategist, with over 25 years experience working with leaders and entertainers, to teach you powerful communication skills.


As a professional vocalist, I've travelled to 53 countries and 6 continents.

which has grown my love for the art of communication, listening to and helping people share their stories, and... my decorating style:)


People work with me to receive fun, transformational experiences that help them get over their fear of speaking in public and see themselves as the rockstars they are.


I have performed at theaters nation-wide and spoken for numerous health-care systems and universities. My love for the stage, fitness and connecting with an audience is at the root of my teaching and has helped my clients shine in the boardroom, on-line, on Broadway, and in the Miss America Organization.  

I've helped countless students reach their professional goals, by improving their voice and communication skills.


As an entertainer and stage performer I always knew the importance a powerful, well-trained voice, but it was after the death of my daughter to a series of preventable medical errors that I recognized the importance of confident communication to a degree I'd not yet understood. 


Your voice is a tool that must be cared for and maintained for optimal performance.


Just as important, you must comprehend the power you have, to use your voice and speak your truth. 


I created this course to introduce as many people as possible, to simple exercises and concepts that will help you speak up and be heard. I believe that what you have to say is important as a leader. Communication skills are essential for business and career success.

Remember, "Life is NOT a dress rehearsal!" You only get one shot.  
Let's make it happen:)

With this Toolkit, you will... 

  • Get short, fun videos because I know you're a busy professional, so I've broken down these teachings to do with little time

  • Do fun, bite-sized homework assignments and practice exercises: Learning has to be fun to stick. Working on your voice and noticing improvements with creative exercises will keep you motivated to keep going


  • Study at your own pace online: These lessons will be available online for you to review whenever you need you. More than this, you can always dive in for a refresher when you need.

  • Reduce your speaking anxiety

  • Start looking forward to more in speaking opportunities

  • Be seen and heard, as the knowledge expert you are!

Word on the street from clients

“I learned even more than I thought in a short period of time. I loved the practices and visuals.” 

Jill D.


"Cathy's approach is immediately thoughtful, fun, clear, grounded and practical. Her teaching about vocal

ease and a full-body approach have me excited and really curious about my voice in a way I haven't felt in years."

- Lindsay G.

"This course and future work is extremely valuable and something I want to share  with my company and teams because I know it would benefit them.  I can talk forever about how much I love you. It's extremely valuable!"

  - Stephanie S.

"I do a lot of presentations and trainings and have a soft voice which I’ve been told is calming,

but I needed to project to show authority. I not only learned how to project but acquired other skills

to make my presence more dynamic. I'd love to take more classes!

- Debbie

"I speak in front of large groups and audiences all the time yet I learned so much from Cathy that I would
have never thought I needed to know to enhance my voice!”

- Arianna L.”


"The Speaker's Toolkit Mini-Course left me begging for more! You will walk away with the tools to better connect and communicate with your audience. Can't wait to continue to grow! Thank you!"

- Melia M.​

Build your confidence and improve your voice to affect your audience.  
 they're waiting.....

How does it work?


Step 1: Join The Speakers Toolkit Email List

Step 2: Get your course access via email

Step 3: Take one lesson every other day for week. 

Step 4: Practice your lesson homework and read your Speak Up emails on in-between days.

Step 5: Practice what you learn in real life and be amazed at how powerful these simple lessons are!


Without investing in communication & speaking skills, you will continue to:

  • Avoid speaking opportunities that can expose your expertise and improve your career

  • Lose confidence in yourself when you know you've not communicated your message well

  • Spend too much time, energy and resources trying to solve your speaking challenges on your own

I want to help you use your voice and speaking skills to stand out in a crowd, share your ideas and knowledge and thrive as the leader you are.  


And I can help you now for just